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d) We may apply multiple transformations to raw data collected from online retailers to clean and categorize it, and errors may occur in connection with such collection, cleaning and categorization.

e) PriceStats uses proprietary methodologies for the calculation of the PriceStats series, including but not limited to, the selection of retailers and products, price index formulas, sector or sub-sector weights, quality adjustments, methods to identify comparable products, and ways to identify and correct for outliers and data quality issues. PriceStats does not commit to any methodology used or designed by other organizations and we may adjust our methodologies from time to time, in our sole discretion.

f) We use proprietary models to estimate inflation in those sectors and sub-sectors for which there is no online information available or easy to obtain. In addition, for all sectors we may use techniques to compensate for methodological differences with official statistics.

g) We do not disclose the names of the retailers we use for price information, and make no commitment regarding the number of retailers to be included in a series, or which retailers or portions of retailers are included in each series. Retailers may be removed or replaced from a series at our discretion.

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i) The selection of product categories for PPP series is at PriceStats’ sole discretion.

j) The number and type of product categories in the PPP series may vary from country to country depending on data availability and quality.

k) The Out of Stock Series includes large retailers that sell either food or health items and that show an out of stock indicator on their website. The number of retailers with such an indicator is limited. Therefore, the number of retailers used for this series is significantly lower than in the other series and may not be representative of a country’s out of stock context.

l) The online presence of our retailers may not be reflective of item availability in a particular store in areas affected by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

m) Metrics for the Out of Stock Series may include slight discrepancies from week to week. This is because we are continually improving our methodology for calculating these statistics and are working on including new retailers in the analysis.

n) We do not revise previously published estimates, even if an error is discovered or a change in methodology is applied.

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